The Residency


The fourth edition of the artist residency organized by Tagli will take place in Stromboli, an island north of Sicily.


From July 14th, 2023 to August 1st, 2023.


Six will be selected among the projects that will apply to the residency. Tagli is a residency that welcomes emerging talents from the visual and performing arts (music, poetry, dance), video art and photography, both individual and collective.


It is not necessary to arrive with a project ready; it is essential instead to use the time and space available to focus on research and practice. The challenge is to show the island and its inhabitants part of your work at the end of your residence with an open house.

To apply, tell us what you do, feel free to attach portfolios, videos, audio files, or whatever you think can explain your artistic practice.


Tagli offers the selected artists room and board in a private house in the Piscità district.

The spaces include rooms, services, common areas and large gardens.
Equipment is shared on an as-needed basis: this includes work tables and audio and projection systems.

Tagli will facilitate relations with the island, giving the opportunity to work with local artisans, attend the activities of local artists and possibly take advantage of external workshops. It will favour workshops and dialogues on one’s work, explorations of the place, stimulating reflection
and sharing among the artist.

Tagli follows a research that concerns the correlation between the artistic projects in residence and the relationship with the island and with the realities that belong to it.
The sharing of living places, as well as workplaces, represents an excellent opportunity for each artist to get in touch with different disciplines, thoughts and research paths, thus reflecting on their work and that of others, paving the way for new
possible synergies.

The open house in Stromboli will take place on the 1st of August. It represents a restitution to the host place, dedicated to giving those who live the island the opportunity to peek inside what is happening in the residence.
During the year, Tagli continues his work with selected projects through pop-up exhibitions in Milan and London.


Two houses with covered terraces and gardens will be available to the artists. Each room has several beds and there will be one bathroom for every two people. The work areas are mainly outdoors or on the aforementioned terraces. For what concerns music, or practices that require little light, indoor space is reserved. The two kitchens will be shared, as will the food.

Stromboli is a welcoming island which requires to be treated with care. The water is from cisterns and not drinkable, it must be used sparingly, rubbish must be separated and taken to landfills, nature and gardens must be treated with care, the dry climate makes the surrounding environment delicate.


The materials must be collected before the residency. On the island, it is more complex to find the necessary for specific procedures, and shipments suffer the setbacks of transport by sea.

Tagli has a backline available with a stereo system and subwoofer, keyboard, guitar and microphones, projectors, work tables, printer and scanner.

Artists will be able to collaborate with third-party labs already present on the island, which may include work with ceramics, iron, wood.

For more information about the spaces or technical materials available, contact us via instagram @tagli____
or send an e-mail to .