Postcards from Stromboli

Dal 3 Dicembre al 12 Dicembre 2021

Greatorex st 1

Greatorex street 1, Shoreditch, London

Scandebergs, Motel Stromboli

Pietro Lazzaris, Searching Myths

Francesco Ameglio, We went on an island and we found a sacred place

Imagine an active volcano, the sea around you, the molten lava simmering at the side of the
mountain, the people, the sea and an island.
Imagine living there for a limited period of time, to be invited to get in touch with a new concept of
time linked to this place.
Tagli organizes a residency in Stromboli, a unique island off the coast of Sicily and invites every
summer 15 up-and-coming talents: performers, musicians, dancers, photographers, artists,
directors. The aim is to enter into a relationship with the other residents, with the island and its
inhabitants as well, and, within two weeks, produce a work that will show a personal interpretation
of this collective experience.
Tagli experiences new forms of context and presents for the first time the installations of three
talents in residence, off the island.
The artwork focus on three different aspects of the concept of time on the island: the living earth,
felt by Francesco Ameglio’s sound installation; the everyday life and intimacy of the inhabitants,
narrated by the shots of Pietro Lazzaris; Limen’s concept of “borderland”, made real in
Scandebergs’ shots, which manage to “twist” a small village below the volcano, making it looks like
a 1980s Los Angeles.
The perceived boundary is not physical but ideal: Stromboli becomes a non-place, where the
spacetime distances become increasingly blurred.
The works are “spaces of the soul”, in which everyone lays bare their gaze in the form of image, sound and environment.